Hi, I’m Abigail! I live in the UK and spend most of my time reading, writing and exploring the great outdoors with my adventurous boys.

I remember when I was five years old and I was learning to read for the very first time. I was enjoying a story about a hummingbird.  I recall very clearly; the words began to flow, and make sense upon the page. My heart lit up with excitement as I began to realise, I was reading all by myself, as the beauty of the words overcame me.

I have loved words ever since. Words are magical, don’t you think? How astonishing that we can create entire worlds with words. We can go on long journeys and visit faraway lands, all with the power of words!

As I grew older, I never lost the love of reading and writing. I would write stories and poetry throughout my childhood and continued to write as I grew up. One day, I decided I wanted to travel the world and write about it. So that’s exactly what I set out to do.

I saved up some pennies and booked a ticket around the world. When I was in South America, my mind was blown away by the splendour of it.

I rambled through the Amazon rainforest with a pet monkey and swam in the same river as an anaconda the size of a bus. I traveled across the salt flats and climbed the Bolivian mountains; I trekked along the Inca Trail and slept under the Patagonian stars. I carried a journal with me wherever I went. In those days, carrying a phone with a camera was not the thing, so to keep the precious memories alive I jotted away in my journal.

Then on my return, I achieved a master’s in Creative Writing, at Manchester Metropolitan University. Then I decided to teach English to high school children. For 9 years, I loved to inspire the children to read and write. I taught them all about the magic of words and how my travels across the world inspired me to write poems and stories.

When I got married and my babies were born, I decided I wanted to be at home full-time and share my love of books with them. When they both started school, I decided it was long overdue for me to write a novel.

It was then I began to write The Fire Children, and here it is.

I hope you enjoy 😊

I’m represented by Sarah Grace Publishing of Malcolm Down publishing.

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